North Carolina’s laws do not currently offer protection to LGBTQ couples and their families. As with any couple hoping to resolve their conflict outside the courtroom, the Collaborative Process can help lesbians, gay men, bisexuals, gender fluid and transgendered people create an agreement that protects each party and brings resolution.

We help guide you to creative solutions that are tailored to your family’s unique set of circumstances. Our attorneys and other professionals can help you resolve the conflict and begin or end your relationship in a respectful and safe manner.

Because of the lack of uniformity across states regarding same sex marriage, it can be challenging to navigate the legal world when setting up the parameters of your relationship or when dissolving your relationship. Having children together brings additional issues of co-parenting and financial responsibility with regard to your children. Our family law attorneys are experts in navigating the unique challenges you may be facing.

While focusing on the needs and interests of both partners and family, the Collaborative Process allows you to resolve the issues in a respectful and peaceful environment. Our attorneys are here to support you and help you through an emotional and uncertain time in your life.