Child Neutrals Specialists

Child Neutral Specialist is a trained mental health professional in the collaborative process and familiar with children’s developmental stages. He or she will meet individually with you and your spouse, and then with each child, to observe how the child is handling the family transition and how the parents can help meet the child’s needs. The child neutral specialist will join one of the meetings and with the attorneys, share information on how you and your spouse can co-parent the children going forward.

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Divorce Coaches

Divorce Coaches can provide you with non-judgmental, unbiased support, without the emotional baggage that may come from relying upon a friend or family member for this role. Coaches may be psychologists or mental health professionals trained in the collaborative process.

A divorce can be sad, painful and scary, but it can also be a liberating time for new beginnings and choices. Sometimes these different feelings come at the same time.

A divorce coach helps you through the ups and downs of the process, and helps you understand what you’re experiencing before and after each collaborative meeting. A divorce coach can be your neutral guide, helping you sort through your issues and concerns, to help you prioritize your goals and aspirations.

Interestingly, the smartest people (on paper) often find they benefit the most from having a divorce coach.

Child Neutrals and Divorce Coaches​

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