Our Team Is Dedicated To Helping Your Family

Collaborative Divorce Meeting

You’ve heard the saying, “It takes a village to raise a child.”

Separating Together family law attorneys believe it takes a team to create a healthy, safe, and transformative divorce process. We have found that additional professionals can help the parties make decisions or support them through the process. They do not “take sides,” and are dedicated to helping the whole family move forward to new lives.

Meet the Neutral Child Specialists

A child neutral specialist is a child psychologist trained in the collaborative process and familiar with children’s developmental stages.

He or she will meet individually with you and your spouse, and then with each child, to observe how the child is handling the family transition and how the parents can help meet the child’s needs. The child neutral specialist will join one of the team meetings to share information on how you  can co-parent the children going forward.
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Meet the Divorce Coaches

Divorce coaches play one of the most important roles in the collaborative process. Coaches are  mental health professionals trained in the collaborative process. Divorce can be sad, painful and scary. But divorce can also be a liberating time for new beginnings. Sometimes these feelings come all at the same time so it is important to get the right help in order to make the right decisions.

A divorce coach helps you through the ups and downs of the process, and helps you understand what you’re experiencing before and after each team meeting. The” smartest people” often find they benefit the most from having a divorce coach.
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