• Child Neutral Specialist & Divorce Coach

Dr. Segalla brings a wealth of child experience to her work as a Child Specialist with a rich, diverse background of working with children and parents in various contexts. Dr. Segalla’s doctoral dissertation concerned the spiritual development of children and the importance of a relationship with nature in this development. She also participated in a two-year research project, The Inner Life of the Child in Nature, at The Center for Education and Imagination in the Natural World. She loves spending time with children and has a wonderful ability to help children and teens feel comfortable sharing their thoughts and feelings with her.

As a Child Specialist, Dr. Segalla also makes use of her background in education, having taught at both the secondary and elementary levels for eleven years prior to becoming a clinical and child psychologist. During these years she worked closely with parents to understand and best meet the needs of their children. Her extensive experience working with children, adolescents, and parents both in education and in clinical psychology has prepared her exceptionally well to work in the role of Child Specialist.
Dr. Segalla is trained in ‘depth-oriented’ psychology with an emphasis on the analytic psychology of Carl Jung. Her training involves the use of psychoanalytic principles as well as the Jungian concept of archetypes as revealed in dreams, fantasies, and personal stories.

Dr. Segalla is an especially good choice as your Child Specialist if your child has any emotional or cognitive issues affecting their education. Her background in education and experience with children and adolescents in an academic environment make her an excellent resource for parents with children whose issues affect their academics. She has additional training and experience in working with children and teens who have learning disabilities (LD), and Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (AD/HD or ‘ADD’). She can help parents make sense of this and help their child manage this challenge through the stress of divorce and beyond. Dr. Segalla completed the first Collaborative Divorce training course offered in the Triangle area, and has worked with divorcing families for several years.

From the moment you enter Lepage Associates, you will feel our dedication to providing a child-friendly and family-friendly environment, from the warm welcome you will receive to the comfortable setting with specific play space and family space. We have a host of accommodations for the children and families we serve! In addition to our compilation of age-appropriate games and activities, we also have a media room, a game room with a pool table, and a campus with outdoor meeting space and walking trails.

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