• Child Neutral Specialist & Divorce Coach

Erica Blystone brings over 20 years of experience working with children, families, adults, and couples to her role as Child Specialist. Her expertise in Couples Counseling, Divorce Consulting, and Co-Parenting therapy as well as several years of experience as a Parent Coordinator for NC Family Courts provide her with knowledge and skills to help parents divorce in a way that is healthy for the children. Erica knows the importance of an amicable divorce, how to help parents create it, and what to look for in a child during a divorce so their struggle isn’t overlooked during this potentially difficult transition. Erica helps everyone keep the child in focus, knowing the child is the person parents are usually most worried about, the most vulnerable, and the one with the least control. She is adept at helping parents make the important decisions that will impact their children and themselves for years to come. Erica is on the Board of Directors for the Center for Cooperative Parenting.

As owner of Wake Adult Counseling, PLLC, Erica provides individual therapy, couples counseling, and a variety of divorce services for adults. To learn more or to contact her, please visit wakeadultcounseling.com