• Best Collaborative Divorce Videos

    We scoured the Internet for the best Collaborative Divorce videos and found five videos that can help anyone understand collaborative divorce. Understanding the difference between collaborative divorce and traditional divorce can be difficult thanks to the lack of information. While text information is great, and we provide plenty on this site, these videos offer up the same information and all you have to do is sit back and watch.

    Collaborative Divorce Overview

    Members of the Collaborative Divorce Association of the Capital District (CDACD) discuss Collaborative Divorce at length in a comprehensive discussion with a local news anchor.

    MogersTV Collaborative Law

    This video from MogersTV out of the UK is a 5 minute introduction to Collaborative law and how it can help you, and your family, if you are facing a divorce. Running Time: 5:16

    Collaborative Law

    Great interview with a couple who has gone through the collaborative divorce process on a local morning show. The host interviews the couple as well as their attorneys answer questions on how the process works and how it affected their lives. Running Time: 7:21

    What is Collaborative Divorce?

    Coming from the financial side of collaborative divorce, Michael Kothakota of Wolfbridge Financial discusses the role of a financial expert in the collaborative divorce process.

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